PhysX Gem: runtime resizing of Collider components

Lumberyard 1.18 brings a new gem: PhysX functionality in preview mode. I’m here to share a code snippet to get something accomplished in it that isn’t available out of the box: dynamically resizing collision shapes. The new component for physical shapes is PhysX Collider. In the editor you can modify its size, for example sphere’s […]

Install PhysX gem in Lumberyard 1.18

If you tried to use PhysX gem in Lumberyard 1.18 you likely ran into a compilation issue. This post is here to solve your problem. You are simply missing NVidia PhysX SDK with your installation that you can install from Setup Assistant. Here is a page out of my book on the topic.  

EBus Scanner Graphing Tool

I had a thought today: “I sure wish I could see how EBuses and Components interact with each other in my code in a visual manner.” So I made a tool that does just that.   EBusScanner Scans your source code for Lumberyard EBuses and their use. Build a digraph out of that information. Usage […]