BusLint! Connect all the bus!

Good news, today I’m releasing my linting tool for Lumberyard called BusLint! It does everything in the universe*! It cures cancer. It put Elon Musk on mars (with nothing but his Occupy Mars shirt). It makes all dogs kiss every other dog via a massive spaghetti network! And lastly, it brought one copy of Olexander’s book on Lumberyard to every household, regardless of whether they use a certain C# based Game Engine that shall not be named.

*The rest of this paragraph is complete BS.

In actuality, it really only does one thing, but it does it well*!

*This statement may not be 100% truthful

Damn it! Is that you Olex*?


Then… who?

I’m so so sorry for using this meme. Please don’t click away. PLEASE. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

In summary, it’ll warn you at compile time whether or not you are handling a bus without connecting to it. For people who write c++ with Lumberyard, it’s probably the most common oversight. In fact, here are some famous disasters from forgetting to connect a bus properly.

I’m honestly not sure why you read this far down. Everything is in the BusLint link. Just click it already!

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