EBus Scanner Graphing Tool

I had a thought today: “I sure wish I could see how EBuses and Components interact with each other in my code in a visual manner.”

So I made a tool that does just that. https://github.com/Aristo7/EBusScanner




Scans your source code for Lumberyard EBuses and their use. Build a digraph out of that information.


EBus_Scanner.exe output.dot.txt C:\work\Lumberyard\dev\Gems\LightningArc


Produces a graphviz dot file, for example:

digraph { 
    AssetCatalogRequestBus [shape=box,style=filled,color=".7 .3 1.0"] ;
    EditorLightningComponent -> AssetCatalogRequestBus;
    AudioRtpcComponentRequestBus [shape=box,style=filled,color=".7 .3 1.0"] ;
    LightningComponent -> AudioRtpcComponentRequestBus;
    AudioTriggerComponentRequestBus [shape=box,style=filled,color=".7 .3 1.0"] ;
    LightningComponent -> AudioTriggerComponentRequestBus;
    ComponentApplicationBus [shape=box,style=filled,color=".7 .3 1.0"] ;
    LightningComponent -> ComponentApplicationBus;

Then you can install graphviz and generate a graph like this:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Graphviz2.38\bin\dot.exe" -Tpng output.dot.txt -o output.png



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