The Unofficial Slack for Amazon Lumberyard

This is a reminder in case you didn’t know. There is an unofficial slack for Amazon’s Lumberyard. You can find me there if you have questions, or a whole bunch of other more knowledgeable folk than me.

It was created by MisterToolbox on from Youtube.

Here is the forum post with the link to invite yourself:

Get in on the fun – join the Lumberyard community!

Oh, I forgot one last thing!

It is important to know about slack culture.

Emoji everything

Slack is all about custom emoji. You can add them yourselves. If you don’t know which to use, then use the party parrot.

If you need more party parrots, there is a great site to begin parrot worship.

Furthermore, remember that things aren’t personally mean, as long as you end it with a smiley.


Person 1: I like turtles
Person 2: Well, I think that makes you Hitler 🙂

See how the smiley completely took away the sting? These are social skills that probably shouldn’t be carried over into the office…

Lastly, if you see someone trying to pick a fight, you should use the flame emoji. And if you see someone upset at something, use the salt emoji.

Sometimes you need a visualization

This is where the /giphy command comes in!

If in a chat, you have nothing to add, that’s no reason to not say something!

Merely type, /giphy [important phrase]. So if I type, /giphy I like turtles, you will get the following:

From here, you can either shuffle until you find a better one, or hit “send”, and everyone will see your important contribution to the subject at hand.

Say hi

When you join, feel free to say hi. Everyone will rush to be first to respond to you.

As you are the person who said hi (the hi’ee) you will be judging the respondents (the hi’ers). If you take this sacred role seriously, you will assign each hi’er a party parrot. So the first gets the fast parrot (fastparrot), the the next gets the normal one, and the last ones get the slow parrot (slowparrot). Also there is an exploding parrot emoji (use with caution – there is no warning label.)


I think we with these simple rules, the slack culture can thrive; sorta like mold on cheese.

So join the slack, have some fun. The slack as channel for everything (and you can create/join more if you want.) And remember, being a slacker, doesn’t make you a slacker, but you will probably be slacking on the slack, but don’t worry: we’ll cut you some slack.

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