PhysX Gem: runtime resizing of Collider components

Lumberyard 1.18 brings a new gem: PhysX functionality in preview mode. I’m here to share a code snippet to get something accomplished in it that isn’t available out of the box: dynamically resizing collision shapes. The new component for physical shapes is PhysX Collider. In the editor you can modify its size, for example sphere’s […]

Install PhysX gem in Lumberyard 1.18

If you tried to use PhysX gem in Lumberyard 1.18 you likely ran into a compilation issue. This post is here to solve your problem. You are simply missing NVidia PhysX SDK with your installation that you can install from Setup Assistant. Here is a page out of my book on the topic.  

BusLint! Connect all the bus!

When scooby doo and gang journey to the island, they find the ghost plaguing the town folk. But ghost don’t exist, and it was actually caused by the townfolk forgetting to connect to the GhostRequestBus. If only they had BusLint to save them!